American Popular Culture- Music Review

The following post has two questions;

1.American Popular Culture- Music Review

BACKGROUND: There are many agents of popular culture though which the messages, themes and symbols of
popular culture are produced and consumed. Media is a key agent of popular culture, and within it music is
one mode for the production and consumption of popular culture. The music of the 1960s marked a key period
of transition in the United States as themes of social problems and dissidence started to fill the radio waves.
This assignment will allow you to explore one social issue or problem in music today.

Option 1 Instructions:
1) Choose one social issue or social problem (i.e. drugs, the environment, war, teenage pregnancy, hate crimes,
2) Find at least 5 songs with lyrics that address your chosen social issue/problem. You will need to cite these
songs using proper APA formatting (see below).
3) Analyze the songs for similarities and differences in how they address the social issue/problem. You may:
– look for themes within and among the songs (i.e. songs about war that talk about ‘ending war’
– consider the year the songs were copyrighted
– consider the genre the song fits in
– is the song directed at a particular audience? (think socio-demographic characteristics: age,
race/ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status (SES), and sexuality)

2.Haz Materials

Research a site in your local area that has been reported as being a contaminated hazardous material site. Discuss the site and the procedures taken to revive these areas.

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