Corporate Law

The following post has three questions;

1.Corporate Law

write a 1000 word report on this topic.

What are the main difference between common law and statue law?

2.Research and Pharmacology

Write a 5–6-page article on a controversial topic related to pharmacology. Explain appropriate use of pharmacology; the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and the use of
pharmacology; and how the topic affects communities and organizations. Describe inequities regarding access to pharmacological treatments.
Professional nursing practice is based on knowledge that comes from research. This research provides nurses with strategies to better communicate with patients, as well as answers to questions such
as the following:

What are the most effective pharmacological agents to treat hypertension in an elderly Latino patient?
How do home visits benefit the family of a child with a severe chronic illness?
Are there new pharmacological treatments for mental illness?

3.What role does nursing play in clinical trials during the development of a new drug?


Complete the following as you prepare to write your article:

Choose a topic from the list below:
The use of medical marijuana.
The use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) versus traditional Western medicine.
Experimental drug programs and disease management.
Mandated vaccinations for children and the implications for parental choice not to vaccinate.
Search the Internet to locate peer-reviewed research articles on your selected topic. The information you use to support your work in this assessment must be as recent as possible.

Explain the appropriate use of the pharmacology related to the topic. Include elements such as diseases or health concerns associated with the topic and the efficacy and applicability of the
Explain the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and use of the pharmacology related to the topic. Remember to address both the benefits and limitations of the
pharmacology in terms of specific diseases and populations.
Explain how the topic affects both the community and the organization in terms of promoting health and wellness.
Describe any inequities regarding access to the pharmacology related to the topic. Is access limited to specific groups or populations? Who determines access? On what is it based? Does access
influence choice?

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