Financial intermediaries role after the Brexit and Territorial Expansion and Slavery timeline

The following post has three questions namely;

1.Financial intermediaries role after the Brexit

(1) The mechanism of a financial system (2) The role of a financial centre (3) Types of finance (4) Functions of financial intermediaries (5) Issues in a financial system (6) A discussion of
other factors relating to the topic (such as recent Brexit/financial crisis in relation to financial intermediation) Key Marking criteria will include: • Initiative: originality,
innovativeness of answer and reference

2.Territorial Expansion and Slavery

Review the Territorial Expansion and Slavery timeline. Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: Compare the number of free and slave-holding states and territories
throughout the timeline. How did Congress deal with the issue of slavery as new states were admitted and new territories acquired? How did these actions affect the tensions between the North and
the South? What were some of the arguments centered on slavery and territorial expansion? How did the Compromise of 1850 fail to solve them? Identify at least three key events that took place in
the 1850s. How did each of the events lead the country toward civil war?

3.Organization theory can be split between three main paradigms

write a 2,000 word essay with the following title. Organization theory can be split between three main paradigms: Modernist, Symbolic Interpretive and Postmodern. Briefly describe how researchers
from each perspective understand organization

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