Managing Conflict and Stress

The folllowing post has two questions namely;

1.Managing Conflict and Stress

Read the following scenario: As the manager of a department, you have noticed a lot of tension and arguments between your employees. The disagreements have been about work and personal issues.
Julie has been a model employee for more than a year. In the past month, she has been late to work six times. You have noticed her checking her cell phone for messages very frequently, and she has
been visiting non-work-related websites on her computer. Coping with work conflicts such as these has created an increased amount of stress in your life. Write a paper of approximately 750 words
that answers the following questions: How do you identify and approach the different conflicts occurring within your department? On which issues are you going to counsel, manage, and correct the
behaviors of your employees? Outline your action plan for Julie. If you feel no action on your part is needed, explain why. How are you going to manage your increased stress? What policies and
procedures can you put into place to help you and your team succeed?

2.Social Work-Policy Making in Context

Readings Use your Social Work and Social Policy text to read:
Chapter 4, “Social Policy from a Global Perspective,” pages 81-92. Chapter 9, “Social Justice in a World of Anywhere Access?” pages 181-192.
Having the ability to identify contextual information and level of need is important. Additionally, social workers must understand that policy making is a process that involves numerous steps,
starting with the identification and awareness of a social problem.
Consider the policy-making process, your personal skills, and related experience, and identify the skills that you already possess. Also, identify the areas in which you feel the need to further
develop skills.
Posts should reflect your personal and professional experience—and all posts and responses should be supported by recent scholarly research with APA-formatted citations and references.

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