Analysis of Family story: To Live, Coming Home Again

The following post has three assignments;

1.Analysis of Family story: To Live, Coming Home Again

Analyze these two stories and write about how they are related to the family.

Family story: To Live, Coming Home Again

To Live link:

2.Signature Piece

3. Write an essay that clearly describes what you consider to be the most important shifts in your thinking about ethical practice (clarification of your views and beliefs, modifications in your
thinking on a given issue, gaining new insights, or acquiring a new perspective). What have you most learned about yourself and/or about what constitutes becoming an ethical practitioner? How has
your thinking about ethics changed?

3.Thin Air, by John Krakauer

Write a 5-paragraph analytical essay on Into Thin Air. ANALYZE the motivation of an individual to pursue, in Krakauer’s words, ? an intrinsically irrational act,’ such as climbing Everest. Heroic
or self-serving?

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