Business Decision Making

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Business Decision Making

1.What does the UK Sneaker/Sports Trainer market look like? Market characteristics, dimensions and segments.
Here you should discuss the overall size of the market (in terms of volume and value) and how it has changed in recent years, the range of products on offer and the relative importance of different
market segments.
2.Who are the key players in the UK Sneaker/Sports Trainer market? Market structure, market shares and competitive behaviour

3.What drives the Sneaker/Sports Trainer market in the UK? Key market ‘drivers’ on both the demand and supply side.
Here you should identify what are the key factors driving demand (eg incomes, consumer spending, demography, fashions) and supply (eg new technologies, supply chain developments, new producers).
4.What does the future hold? Key threats and key opportunities

2.Prohibition to the War on Drugs

Write an essay to Compare and contrast Prohibition to the War on Drugs

3.Poseidon’s Interference with Mortals

write an essay paper on Poseidon’s Interference with Mortals and Others

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