Cost of Quality Using this case study

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Cost of Quality Using this case study

1: Discuss Cost of Quality Using this case study, take the role of the production manager and prepare a report for the board that either recommends the proposed changes or does not recommend the
changes. Support your position with details from the case and also from information from the text or other outside references.

2.Computer Aided Engineering Design

You have been commissioned by a digger company who is investing in new mini digger for pavement or back garden work. The size of the digger need to be transported in a size: 2.3m in height, 1m in
width and 3m in length.

Apply finite element analysis and optimisation on one of the components of the mini digger.

3.United States of America as a commercial republic

From the beginning, the United States of America was seen as a commercial republic. For over a century, one of the greatest sources of conflict in American politics has been how the government
should respond to major economic trends stemming from the Industrial Revolution. Our readings have presented various views on the role of the free market, government welfare, and government
regulation in securing the freedom and prosperity at which our institutions aim. Your task, in 4-5 pages, is to compare and contrast the most important conflicting views on these matters,
emphasizing the rational and evidential basis of the claims you examine. Among the authors we have read, who has the more convincing argument, and why? What policies would best secure the liberty
of citizens in economic and related affairs, and why?

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