Human Resource Management

The following post has two questions namely;

1.Human Resource Management

1. Critically discuss the application of key areas of HR practice, such as strategic planning, resourcing, development, motivation and reward, and the role of Line Management in ensuring that these
practices result in an empowered and engaged workforce.
2. Analyse and evaluate HR practice in contemporary work situations, coming to critically argued conclusions and recommendations, via the undertaking of real time HRM practices within a group
Critically examine the statement below and discuss the issues raised by the introduction and implementation of Pay for performance practices within 1 sector of your choice.

Pay-for-performance compensation systems are proliferating, yet their impact on key stakeholders remains uncertain, especially within the healthcare and financial sectors. Proponents of performance
pay argue that it will inevitably lead to better performance, enhance motivation and productivity. However, the evidence for this is mixed as there has been concerns around quality, the wellbeing
of employees, whom, how and how much should we pay for better performance. The process of implementing pay-for-performance can be criticized from an ethical perspective because of significant
potential for unintended consequences especially in certain contexts.
The word count is 2000 words.
Pick one sector, whether healthcare or financial to base the report on.

2. Right to Ride

write an essay on the main arguments made by the author in the book.

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