Marketing in Healthcare-Pricing Strategies

The dollowing post has two assignments namely;

1.Marketing in Healthcare-Pricing Strategies

1. Describe a pricing strategy in your health care organization- for one of its services or products (e.g., a pharmaceutical drug or a medical device).
2. Explain how costs would be taken into account when formulating that pricing strategy.

2.AU in the World

1). Why wouldn’t the Rust brothers sell their machines to farmers immediately? (pages 52-53)

2). What are the problems for workers in a gin? (page 63)

3). What is Vasif’s complaint about the World Bank? (page 63-64)

4). Why were cotton subsidies created in the U.S.? What is an argument for maintaining them? (pages 64-66)

5). What are the problems with the cotton subsidies? Explain at least two problems. (pages 64-66).

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