Monetary and Fisical POLICY

This post has assignments namely;

1.Monetary and Fisical POLICY

Macropoland is currently experiencing a recession–consumption and investment are very sluggish, and unemployment is quite high at 9%. Currently, inflation is very low at 0.4% (the historical
average rate of inflation is about 2%). The Macropolish President has just hired you as her economic advisor. Your job is to prescribe policy that would enable the economy to recover from the
recession. Explain how you could use the standard tools of expansionary monetary policy and expansionary fiscal policy to stimulate this economy towards economic growth. Develop a response that
includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience.

2.No Country for old men

compare and contrast chigruh to wells in 4 paragraphs.

3.The impact of the Louisiana Purchase on Native Americans.

Describe the impact of the Louisiana Purchase on Native Americans.

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