Statement of Purpose.

Dictionary of criminal Justice

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1. Statement of Purpose.

Discuss why you wish to pursue the MS in Biotechnology. Focus on your long-term goals and how this academic program will complement these goals. Discuss the strengths of your academic and
professional background, as well as

2.Dictionary of criminal Justice

1. Compare and contrast some of the different treatment methods used in female prisons verses male prisons. How can correctional treatment be more effective? Should self-help programs be used in
conjunction with treatment? Why or why not?
2. Discuss when a Writ of Habeas Corpus is used and provide a real-life example in your answer.
3. Define clemency. When is clemency used within the correctional system? Do you agree or disagree with the use of clemency, explain your answer.
4. What are civil commitment programs? Discuss some of the Constitutional and legal issues surrounding the use of civil commitment programs.
5. Compose a letter to an employer explaining why you should be hired, even though you have just completed a 5 year prison sentence for armed burglary. Specify the type of company you are applying
for. Include in your answer some of the social barriers that offenders face when they return to the community.

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