Theories of international law of Grotius and Vattel.

Theories of international law of Grotius and Vattel.

The post is a combination of two assignments

1 The theories of international law of Grotius and Vattel.

2 Social Work Practice with Individuals & Families

Assignment 1

Compare and contrast the theories of international law of Grotius and Vattel.

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• RELEVANCE – the ability to focus your work on the question at hand, gathering literature and data that relate clearly to the subject
• STRUCTURE – the ability to achieve a coherent structure in your work so that it flows logically and fluently, using good paragraphing and signposting, with a clear
introduction and conclusion.
• ACCURACY – describing empirical phenomena and key ideas and theories accurately and clearly.
• EVIDENCE – using relevant, appropriate, authoritative sources to back up your claims and arguments, indicating strong knowledge of the literature
• ANALYSIS – the ability to move beyond a descriptive approach to key ideas and information towards harnessing these in the construction of an insightful response to
the question
• CRITICAL JUDGEMENT – the ability to engage critically with the sources you use, reflecting on their strengths and limitations and using such reflections to develop
your own argument.
• COMMUNICATION – writing carefully with good grammar, spelling and word choice, to communicate your arguments and analysis effectively.
REFERENCING – correctly citing and attributing the sources you use in written work through an identified referencing system

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Assignment 2

Social Work Practice with Individuals & Families

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Book: Social Work Practice with Individuals & Families. By (Author: Holosko )
At the end of each chapter in our textbook is a listing of Online Resources. For example, at the end of Chapter 1, there are “Online Resources” listed on pages 33 and

For this Online Resources Assignment, please, select one of the websites listed in “Online Resources” from either Chapter 1 on pages 33 and 34 or from Chapter 2 on
pages 63 and 64. Write a 1–2 page paper, using the latest APA writing style guidelines, that includes the following information about the selected site

a) The overall purpose of the site,
b) The resources available to social workers on the site, and
c) How these resources can be specifically used in either the social work assessment of or the social work intervention with children – make certain to fully reference
the site in a separate reference page and create three headings in the paper that match the three required areas of information.

Second Part (write a paragraph about the following question)
A young child may not be able to verbalize his or her thoughts and feelings during the assessment process. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an adult
family member help the child with this?
Write a paragraph.

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