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The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Agency Based Screening and Assessment

Identify the agency where you are completing your field placement. What are the services provided? What population does the agency serve?
Office on Aging, Adult Protective services, Adult Protective Services (APS) is administered by the Franklin County Office on Aging with funding provided by the Department of Job and Family Services.

Adult Protective Services are those services provided to older people who are, or are in danger of being mistreated or neglected, are unable to protect themselves, and have no one to assist them.

What is the screening and assessment process at your agency?
Community, family referrals. Interventions provided by Adult Protective Services include, but are not limited to, receiving reports of adult abuse, exploitation or neglect, investigating these reports, case planning, monitoring and evaluation.

How are client problems identified, classified and communicated at this agency? How are records kept?
Is the DSM-5 or DSM-IV used at your agency? If the DSM isn’t used, why not? If the DSM-IV is used, is the multi-axial system used? If the multi-axial system isn’t used, how is the DSM used? Who assigns diagnoses, i.e., which professionals and how are diagnoses decided – by individuals or by a team?

What are clients told about confidentiality and the limits of confidentiality? How is confidentiality with minor children addressed? What is your assessment of the adequacy of the information about confidentiality and its limits at this agency?
This agency only deals with clients who are 60 years of age and above

What are the most common client problems addressed by this agency? What types of problems do the clients bring to this agency?
Abuse and neglect

How well do you think this agency assesses client strengths and competencies as well as problems? What could be improved in the assessment process to balance problems and strengths assessment?
How well does the current assessment process facilitate client engagement? What suggestions would you have for improvement?
Is medication a part of the treatment plan at this agency? If so, how are clients, including children and adolescents involved in the decision?
What are the systems for referral out of this agency? How are decisions for referrals made and communicated with clients?
Does your agency have a safety policy? If yes, please describe the safety policy (policies) at your agency.
Are there any other issues regarding the assessment process at this agency about which you would like to comment?

Prepare a 5 to 8 page response to the following prompts about the agency in which you are doing your field practice. Click the link below for the questions.

2.The Social Life of Science and Technology: Theories and Debates

Discuss how the concept of imaginaries offers a broader agenda for STS than earlier pre-occupations with facts and epistemology

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