Business law

The following post has two questions namely;

1.Business law

Write a paper evaluating how a company system of ethics, case law and statue, as well as government regulations affects business organizations. Further, discuss how such should help protect the
general public from harm or unfair business practices


Q1): Several Australian Universities, except Charles Darwin University, has opened up a campus in a number of Asian countries. Discuss, how will this affect the enrolments of international
students at CDU? Explain using demand and supply diagram.
Q2): Discuss how will student enrolments be impacted at CDU if the government doubled the interest rate charged on student loans for all domestic students in Australia? Explain using demand and
supply diagram.
Q3): Discuss, what are the main determinants of economic growth? How is growth related to Production Possibility Frontier? Explain using a diagram.
Q4): Prices of houses in Australian metropolitan cities, particularly in Darwin, Sydney and Melboume are on the rise in recent year, which is mainly due to surging land prices. It is in this
context, answer the following questions: (a) Why is the land price rising in the metropolitan cities and what are the major drivers of rising house prices in these cities; (b) Using an appropriate
diagram, explain your answer in part (a) above, and (c) Is the supply of land in Sydney and Melboume perfectly inelastic? Why? Discuss.

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