Nutrition Trend or Fad

Nutrition Trend or Fad

The post combines 3 asighnments

1 Chicana/o immigration

2 Nutrition Trend or Fad

3 Passing Networks

Asighnment 1

Chicana/o immigration

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Essay Question #4
Identify and discuss societal structures AND the messages they are communicating about Mexican immigrants in the United States. How do these messages influence public
perception of Mexican and Latino immigrants? Lastly, identify and discuss different methods that Mexicans, Mexican Americans, and Chicanos use to demonstrate their
resilience against these types of messages.
Use the four assigned readings to provide examples and evidence to support your essay. Essay is double spaced and 5-6 pages in length.
Social Structures –

Asighnment 2

Nutrition Trend or Fad

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Find an article in a magazine, newspaper or internet that relates to a current nutrition topic.choose the class module/topic that is in your textbook and has been
discussed or another current nutrition trend or fad. For example, the article might be about low-fat vs. low-carbohydrate diet, use of protein powders in strength
training, vitamin/mineral supplement use, medical condition that may affect nutrition (heart disease, diabetes, etc), Vitamin D and bone health; or an interesting
article that relates to nutrition.
Find several research articles (meaning they came from peer-reviewed research journal articles and not from a blog or internet website) that relates to the topic in
the article you have chosen. Find articles that both support and refute your article/website (you may only find articles that support or articles that only refute
which is fine).
Write a 3 to 4 page paper (APA style, double-spaced with references) that includes the following:
1. A summary of the article in your own words;
2. the validity of the article and how your peer-reviewed journal articles either support or refute your
article/website; For example, one of your research articles may support that Vitamin D is important for
bone health, but another article might find that Vitamin D is not important for bone health.
3. the validity of the author of your article/website (is the author a Registered Dietitian or another health
4. your opinion of the article/website; and
5. Cite references.
6. Please include a copy of the article you have chosen from the magazine, newspaper, internet and
include this with your article summary (provide link if a website or scan the article and attached or add the article as an attachment to your assignment)

Asighnment 3

Passing Networks

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present work from a piece of notational analysis undertaken using Dartfish software relating to team passing networks. notate the passing networks for both England and
Wales during the first half. You need to identify the passes and the players, who passed/received the ball, according to their positions in the pitch and their teams’
initial formation.
the PowerPoint presentation will covering the following topics:
• Understanding of the notation and performance analysis in team sports. Provide a historical context of notation analysis in team sports.
• Critical evaluation of the use of KPI’s and the Passing Network approaches. Provide a strong argument for the strengths and weaknesses of these two approaches and
identify the aim of your presentation to the panel.
• Proficient use of sports notation software (Dartfish). Describe how you have used Dartfish to do the notation of the match. You should demonstrate how you have
created your tagging panel, present it and explain how it was used for this particular assessment.
• Competence on data collection and analysis. Communicate your findings for both teams by identifying their passing patterns in the first half of the match. You should
identify the key players involved in the offensive process and their linkages within the team. Also, you should suggest interventions to the coach for the second half,
which should be based on the analysis, conducted in the first half, of your own team and the opponent team.
• Advanced skills in reporting and presenting data. Utilise Camtasia to demonstrate how you have used Dartfish; and Gephi to produce the diagrams of the passing
networks of the teams.

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