The roles of 3 different types of airports

This post has two questions namely;

1.The roles of 3 different types of airports

Briefly describe the roles of 3 different types of airports of your choice (A commercial services airport, reliever airport, and a general aviation airport). Select an airport (U.S. or international) that depicts each of the three airport types. Provide a 2-3 page essay on why these airports fit that role. Use the descriptions used in this module’s presentation when classifying NPIAS airports.

2.Foundational Questions

1. What is systems safety and why is it important to the development of a system?
2. Why is it important to continually review and refine the system throughout its lifecycle?
3. How does that change if the system is used beyond its designed lifecycle, as is the case with USAF aircraft such as the B-52 and the KC-135?
4. How is MIL-STD-882 used in systems safety?

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