Strategic management

Strategic management

The post is a combination of two asighnments

1 Strategic management

2 Qualitative Research Methodology

3 success factors of the industry

Asighnment 1

Qualitative Research Methodology

Order Description

The reading, “Workplace learning strategies, barriers, facilitators and outcomes: a qualitative study among human resource management practitioners” presents an
application of qualitative research methodology. Discuss whether or not qualitative research methodology is appropriate to this study. Discuss other types of
methodologies that may have been appropriate for this investigation. Please let your references be peer-reviewed.

Asighnment 2

success factors of the industry

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Grading Criteria

Structure (25%): Cover Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, Analysis, and Conclusion/Recommendation(s)
All sections must be displayed
The order of these sections must be correct
Clear transition of ideas must be made between section when necessary
Capacity to use the appropriate words
Introduction (15%):
Background, scope and relevance of your work
What is your working aiming to prove?
What are the objectives of your work?
Analysis (40%)
Presentation of the product/service
Analysis of the competition (strategic group) and the customer segment
Capacity to pull out the critical success factors of the industry
Strategy implemented:
Value chain analysis and identification of important resources and activities
Conclusion (15%)
The feasibility of your study
The limits and weaknesses
Recommendations for improvement
Referencing (5%)
Harvard referencing system in-text and in the bibliography
Appropriate number of resources used

Asighnment 3

Strategic management

Order Description

TEXT: David. F. (2015) Strategic management concepts and cases, (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education
ISBN: 9780133908558

(No long sentences )

Part one (these answers should be based from chapters 1,2,3, from the text book)

NO title page needed . only the answers pertaining to the questions. Read and answer the following questions using a concise response one paragraph (minimum 6
sentences per paragraph). and give examples, One paragraph per question. Each paragraph has to be a minimum of 6 sentences. Reference a Source for each question from
the text book. Do not write questions as a part of the paper. Only write answer for each questions as a part of the paper. ANSWERS ONLY

1) Can more than one firm have a competitive advantage in the industry at the same time? If no, why not? If yes, give an example.

2) Who of you has an Apple device and who has an Android device? Have you ever switched from one operating system to another? Discuss your reasons for doing so and why
you believe one has a competitive advantage over the other. Be sure to read Chapter 1 before entering your response, this will enable you to apply concepts of
competitive advantage to your response. I encourage and expect you will respond to other students whether you agree or disagree with their choice of operating systems
or their reasons for choosing one over the other.

3) Successful business strategy lies not in having all the right answers, but rather in asking the right questions.
• Asking simple questions enables business teams to focus on key issues instead of on the distracting information that can obfuscate clear thinking. Respond to the
question below using your textbook or other source as a reference (please cite your reference) and then read other posts and respond to at least one of your fellow
students. Try NOT to be repetitive, be creative in your response, give examples. Think like a manager!!

• Why is it important to know who is your primary customer?

Part two (no long sentences)
(answers only ) (these answers should be based from chapters 1,2,3, from the text book), please reference a text from the text book for each question with in
One to two paragraph per question the question are labeled below which one should be one or two paragraphs.. Do not write question as a part of the paper. Only write
answer for each questions as a part of this assignment. (each paragraph must be a minimum of 6 sentences)

Chapter 1: What strategies do you believe can save newspaper companies from extinction?
(one Paragraph )
Chapter 2: Write a vision and mission statement for an organization of your choice. (be sure to read the 9 components and 8 characteristics of mission statements
before writing your own).
(Two Paragraphs )

Chapter 3: As value of the dollar rises, USA firms doing business abroad see their profits fall, so some firms raise prices of their products to offset the decrease in
profits. What are some risks of raising prices? (one Paragraph)

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