Academic Journals.

The following post has tWO assignments namely;

1.Academic Journals.

. 1. Discuss in writing your career plans and whether this class has helped you make decisions. How? 2. In writing, analyze an unsolved problem, personal or one you are aware of. Describe in
writing a shaping experience in your life pp156-160. ) Analyze and prepare to discuss in class different accounts of the Confrontation at Tiananmen Square. (pp213-217). Be prepared for class
discussion. Prepare to discuss an analysis of differing accounts of dropping the Atom Bombs on Japan. (pp226-234) 6. Describe in writing your current thoughts and feelings about the meaning and
discussions about Global Warming and Climate Change, pp. 234-245.

2. Priciples of Management

Write a five to six minute speech on the “Reinforcement Perspectives on Motivation”, how it relates to the business Ray’s Roots ‘n’ Shoots incorporating Jeff Bezos of Amazon motivational tactics in

3. Self-determination in a post-colonial African state. The case of Biafra

1. What factors are responsible for the upsurge in self-determination agitations?
2. Are there uniquely factors in play in Africa? (Colonial, governance and security)
3. Has Africans been able to exercise the right to self-determination?
4. How can agitations for self-determination be resolved?

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