Business Report

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Business Report

Identify one specific performance management issue and one compensation management issue in your organisation or an organisation that you are familiar with.

Your task is to write a report that includes the following:

A brief description of the organisation, the performance management issue and the compensation management issue. It is highly desirable if the two issues are linked. This happens in most cases as
many remuneration incentives are dependent on achieving performance objectives.
An analysis of the performance management issue and an analysis of the compensation management issue. Describe the two issues using relevant performance and compensation management concepts.
Explain in detail why the issues need to be improved in the organisation. You have to justify the need to change the current practices. You could include in your analysis, a comparison of practice
in your own organisation with industry best practice or with practice in another organisation.
An explanation of what could be done to bring about improvement. Write a set of recommendations that contribute to improvement and change. Explain and justify what could be done to bring about
improvement and the benefits your organisation will achieve when this is done. The recommendations should follow logically from the analysis above.

2.Reconciliation Plan in Australia

Write an essay paper on reconciliation Action Plan in Australia

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