Comparison between companies that recommend potential investor

Comparison between companies that recommend potential investor

the post contains two asighnments

1:Comparison between companies to recommend potential investor

To investigate 2 public limited companies (ABR Holdings Limited and another of your choice from the same business sector, same industry, SGX, similar staff strength,
same year end, same accounting treatment) and to prepare a written report for a group of potential investors.

2 Companies:
1. ABR Holdings Limited
2. Choice of another company listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (Except breadtalk)

This should include the following:
1. An introduction which includes a short profile of each company.
2. Include swot analysis
3. Analysis of the performance and position of 2 companies.
4. Vertical and horizontal analysis, ratio analysis (for the year 2016 to 2015), cash flow statements and a segment analysis
5. Recommendation and the reason for the company represents the best investment and justify the choice made.

Content of the report:
1. Company profile – Comparable key statistics, industry position, business segments, SWOT analysis, justification for choice of competitor
2. Analysis of the financial statements – Show evidence of critical analysis and evaluation rather than simple description in the analysis of the companies’ financial
statements (this should include some consideration of profitability, efficiency, liquidity and shareholders’ returns). There is a clear comparison of the position
performance and liquidity of both companies. Any limitations to the analysis are clearly stated. An appropriate range of interpretation and analytical tools (vertical,
segmental, horizontal, trend and ratio analysis) are used to assist the analysis. The details of any ratio calculations are included in an appendix and are calculated
3. Evidence – Relevant, reliable evidence (which may be drawn from the company’s financial statements, relevant literature, industry of financial news articles) is
used throughout the report to support the analysis and any claims made.
4. Recommendation – Provides an appropriate recommendation which is clearly justified and is based on the analysis shown in the report

1. Profile and introduction
2. Critique & analysis
3. Recommendation

2:Political, economic, social and ) technological factors that enhance the strategic position/partnerships/opportunities in community services organisation.

Order Description

1)Provide examples of two (2) political, two (2) economic, two (2) social and two (2) technological factors that should be analysed when reviewing the strategic
position/partnerships/opportunities of a community services organisation. You may conduct your research in addition to the information in the learner guide.
2) Explain why it is helpful to understand how the organisation’s competitors operate. What type of information could you source and provide an example on how you
could research this information?
3) Provide examples of five (5) stakeholders that you may work in collaboration with while you are on placement.
4) Explain the difference between an organisational business plan and a strategic plan
5) Provide a brief overview describing what a SWOT analysis is and why it is used in Community services organisation
6) Provide a brief overview of each of the following legal and ethical considerations about communication in the Community Services sector:
• Privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
• Discrimination
• Duty of care
• Mandatory
• Informed consent
7) Explain why organisational processes and hierarchy are important to know about effectively communicating with stakeholders through communication channels.
8) List and explain three (3) digital media communication channels used by an organisation and the etiquette for using these methods for communication and marketing to
8) Provide a brief overview of three (3) possible communication needs, barriers, restraints and difficulties that you need to consider when communicating with clients.
9). Identify four (4) different communication strategies and plans, and that may be developed in line with the organisational values, mission and vision. For each of
these strategies include five (5) items that you would expect to be included. You may need to conduct your research in addition to the learner guide. Note it is
mandatory to include a crisis communication strategy and plan. The other three (3) communication strategies are of your choice
10) Explain six (6) financial implications that should be considered when developing and implementing a new communication strategy.
11)Provide an overview highlighting the principles and practices of coaching and mentoring.
12) Explain the term ‘traditional media’ and include at least three (3) examples.
!3) Explain three (3) things you should try to identify in the evaluation process. How could you gather this information to determine the success of the communication

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