Evolving Case Study

The following post has two assignment namely;

1.Evolving Case Study

Cancer Is Diagnosed Case Study Mr. White is a 50 y/o Anglo Caucasian male who presents to the primary provider for the second time for post-extensive diagnostic testing. He is alone and wants to
know the outcome of the diagnostic testing. Client is thin, has an occasional nonproductive cough, and is visibly anxious. Mr. White reports the following:
Has a wife, who is pregnant with their second child Has a teenage son who was born with cerebral palsy: however, has high IQ and social function Has health insurance through his employer, as he is
a high school chemistry teacher As you watch the video, think about these questions, which you will be required to answer in an assignment later this week (see 210 for details):
Please draw a genogram of the White family. According to family systems theory, how are the members of this family as a whole more than the sum of the parts? According to family systems theory,
what are at least three strengths of this family? **This discussion case combines this week’s content with the case presented on page 2.31. After reviewing all of this week’s asynchronous material,
consider and respond to one or two of the comments below. Your answers should be brief: approximately 100 to 150 words for your initial post and 50 to 100 words for your response. The discussion
case must contain at least two peer review references. APA formatting must be used for in-text citation and references. This assignment is part of your participation grade.
draw a genogram of the White family. (You can use PowerPoint, Paint, or scan a sketch.) This will be discussed in the live session. According to family systems theory, discuss this family as a
whole, rather than the sum of its parts. According to family systems theory, discuss at least three strengths of this family.
help you synthesize and critically think about the course material as well as analyze your own experiences. The Report Outs must contain at least two evidence-based references, only one may be your
textbook. References must be within the last 5 years unless it is a seminal article. Reports Outs are to be submitted 24 hours before the weekly live session

2.Pressure Ulcers

1- Propose a research question related to your potential research project that would require a qualitative research approach. Select the best qualitative method that could answer the research
question proposed? What are the strengths and weaknesses of that method?
2-Identify a practice issue that would benefit from utilizing a mixed methods approach. Discuss how the quantitative and qualitative data would complement one another and add strength to the study.
Discuss the challenges that you might encounter in using a mixed methods approach. Support your discussion using current mixed methods research articles.

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