Mental health issues

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Mental health issues

You and your partner are called to an intoxicated patient who has fallen and sustained injuries to his head and arm. When you arrive there are several intoxicated bystanders at the scene. The
patient is extremely agitated and refusing to be helped. Outline what you would do and say.

What support is available for individuals with substance use disorder?
e.g. websites, groups, community activity

2.Banks and the Financial Technology Start-ups (FinTech) Challenge

The financial services industry is in the middle of a digital revolution that represents a major change in banking for centuries. In most financial jurisdictions, FinTech start-ups present a
credible threat to conventional banks. Using a combination of technology, consumer-centric service and flexible business practices, these new companies are reducing the cost of doing business,
extending their customer base and taking market-share from established rivals.
To retain market share, incumbent banks are looking to change their operations to compete, or considering collaboration with the very businesses that threaten them. Recent research suggests that
the FinTech market is reaching the next level of maturity and moving into the mainstream. Technology giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba (GAFAA) are redefining the customer
experience and increasingly playing around the periphery of financial services. In addition, the growth in FinTech presents a unique challenge to conventional banks as technology has reduced the
barrier of entry to new entrants, although, this challenge may be different for different regions. Local legislation and cultural differences mean that banks are taking different approaches in
their respective regions to respond to these digital disruptions from FinTech start-ups.
As with any evolving marketplace, the nature of the emerging relationship between FinTech and banks is still unclear. The main points of contention are:
1. Do these FinTech start-ups have the financial muscle to challenge conventional banks? 2. Can the size of the incumbent banks including their complex corporate structure allow them to compete
favourably with these agile new start-ups? 3. How should banks reposition themselves to be net-winners from digital disruptions?

3.Banks and the Financial Technology Start-ups (FinTech) Challenge

Using empirical, theoretical and financial literatures, critically discuss the FinTech landscape and some of the major players in different regions. Critically evaluate the major threat that these
FinTech companies pose to conventional financial services companies. c) With the aid of appropriate examples, discuss the key areas where banks are facing disruptions in their traditional
intermediation functions. d) Discuss how banks are repositioning themselves to be net-winners from digital disruptions amongst others.

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