Pholosophy statement

Pholosophy statement

The post comprises two asighnmennts

1:Pholosophy statement

Develop Philosophy using the developmentally appropriate approach with preschool children. here are a few guided questions: What do you believe about early childhood education? What do you believe about young children….what are their needs and how do they learn best? How do you meet these needs and provide for optimal learning? What are the elements of a good preschool curriculum and an engaging learning environment? What are the characteristics of a good teacher in your opinion, and which ones are more important? Reflect on how a teacher can build positive relationships with families. How would you meet the needs of children with special needs, and how to best embrace diversity i your program.

2:Information Systems in Nursing

Write 3-5 pages in which you discues how a current information system used in the
delivery of patient care contributes to improved patient outcomes-

Use 3 Current sources within the last 5 years.

Select an example of a current information system used in the delivery of patient care.
Note: Ideally, select a system from your workplace to examine. If you are not currently
working, select a system from an organization close to where you live. This technology
should be used for data management designed to improve patient care.

Familiarize yourself with the technology. Do some personal research to gain a deeper
understanding about the technology. Visit the Web site of the company who markets
the technology to familiarize with how the company positions the technology in the
market. Read articles online and in the library related to your chosen system-
Remember to take notes to keep track of what you discover. Examine the following
aspects of the technology:

How is the information system designed to contribute to safety and quality in the care
of patients?

What types of data are tracked, monitored, stored, and trended in the system?

How well does it accomplish what it is designed to do in your chosen real-world

How is this information system used to support research? If it is not currently being
used to support research, how could it be used in the future?

What types of opportunities are available for nurses, in any scope of practice, that
gives them the chance to participate in the design and testing of this system?

How might the technology be enhanced so it better meets the needs of the
professionals currently using the system?

Compare what you learn with how your chosen technology is being used in the
workplace. Think about your own workplace and consider speaking with other
professionals who currently use the system.

Describe your chosen information system and its intended role in improving patientExplain why you chose to examine this particular system-

Capture in 1 or 2 sentences the main point of what you Immed and your personal
opinion of this system based on what you leaned.

Support your main point with subpoints that hclude examples and supporting
evidence that address each of the six poms listed above under the Prepaation
heading. Be sue to cite expert opinions and evidence where appropriate.

Include a concluding statement Offer idem, concepts, or activities that nuses, in any
scope of practice, might want to consider that could improve how they could use this
system to inprove patient we

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