Postmodern artists

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Postmodern artists

The work of many postmodern artists was a cynical repetition of the innovation of the avant-garde, emptied of utopian aims. Is this a fair assessment? Discuss with reference to one avant-garde
artist and one postmodern artist examined in this subject.

2.An elevator performance

maximize an elevator performance using a motor that generates peak power at a rotational speed of 340
radians/second and a torque of 0.021 N-m. You spool of line has a radius of 0.03 rn.
The design (objective) function is given as
X = W2r3a

1. Calculate the maximum weight that can be lifted for each gear ratio
2. Calculate the time it would take to move the elevator one meter for each gear ratio
3. Calculate your design function’s value for each gear ratio
4. Plot the design function for all viable gear ratios as a function of gear ratio
5. Select the optimal gear ratio for your system to maximize the design function

3.Whipping cream to butter


Using an electric hand beater, whip 1 cup of whipping cream to form whipped cream. Continue whipping until butter is formed. Taste the butter.

1. Describe the different colloids (two emulsions and one foam) as you turn whipping cream into whipped cream, and then on to butter. Describe the composition of the liquid remaining in the bowl
after butter is formed.

B. Analysis of fats (use data collected in Fats table)

1. Even though the serving size is 14 g, some of the fats contain different amounts of fat per serving. Discuss the major ingredient difference that accounts for these fat (and kcal) differences.
(with the same weight of serving size).

2. Do any of these margarines contain any trans fat? How do you know?

3. Consider the fats that contain saturated fat. For each of them, what is/are the sources of saturated fat?

4. How do ingredient differences between shortening and regular stick margarine affect nutritional composition (kcal and fat per serving)?

5. Identify some emulsifiers contained in the margarines. Why are emulsifiers necessary? Why does the ingredient list of butter NOT include emulsifiers?

6. Name the ingredients added to some products to “preserve freshness”. Why are these needed? (What is likely to destroy freshness?)

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