Principles of Supply Chan Management

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Principles of Supply Chan Management

1. You are a luxury products manufacturer with a contract to produce padded armrests
for some Gulfstream aircraft. After a global review of high-quality manufacturing
facilities, you found one in Bangladesh that produces an excellent product. What steps
will you take to determine that the product is ethically produced?
2. You manufacture leather purses that look like brown paper bags. While this fashion
craze has yet to catch on with the general public, you see a spike in purchasing from
the “Hipster community. This community is very concerned with sustainable sourcing,
and you want to ensure you do not lose this market based on poor practices. After a
little research, you find that your leather is from Texas Longhorn calves. What steps will
you take to make sure your leather is sustainability sourced?

2.Impact of Global Economy

Describe a food, fiber, natural resource, agricultural or other SMALL business that you are in

2. What and How Much to Produce 15
What product will the business produce, how you chose that product,
how much you will produce (think about the production economics concepts from class)
3. Inputs and Technology Used 15
Explain the production process, including inputs to production and what
type of technology will be used (think about the production economics concepts from
4. Impact of Global Economy, Government Policies and other Economic Issues 15
Will you have competitors or similar businesses in the area that will help
or hurt your business? What can you offer that the others do not?
How do changes across the globe impact your business? What about
global trade or policies in our country or other countries? Are there government
regulations that impact your business? Are there any consumer groups that may have

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