The following post has three assignments namely;

1.The 77th Hour FILM ANALYSIS

After watching The 71th Hour, prepare a response paper. ln this paper,
respond to specific ideas by following the outline below.
specific, and thorough paragraphs.
Summarize the film. What’s the problem?
What kinds of sources were used in this film? Please list some specific
people who spoke. Are these credible sources? Why or why not?
What were some of the specific ideas the film presented for how we can
start alleviating this problem? These solutions could be at an individual, corporate,
and/or societal level.
The argument of the film is that this is a drastic problem and that we
need to take steps immediately to change the course of our planet. What did you think
about the argument as a whole? Was it well-presented? Was something lacking? What
did you think could be stronger?
What is your overall reaction to the ideas presented in the film? Did it
evoke any emotions for you? Did it present new information to you (if so, what?)? Were
you interested by some of the topics covered? Which ones?

2.Explanatory Memo

Your supervisor calls to tell you that the organization’s legal team has been asking questions about types, sources, and collection of digital information. They have also asked about file formats.
Your supervisor asks you to prepare a brief explanatory memo. You use the department’s technical manual to compose your memo on locations of valuable forensic information and formats in which
digital evidence can be stored. You also review imaging and verification procedures.
For the first step in this project, prepare a memo (1-2 pages in length) that summarizes possible locations of valuable digital forensic information, as well as collection and storage options in
laymen’s language. For each location described, include a short description of the following:
1. Area
2. Types of data that can be found there
3. Reasons why the data has potential value to an investigation in general, and for this case in particular

3.The novel ”The Book of Unknown Americans”

The novel The Book of Unknown Americans depicts multiple characters’ struggle as learners of English as a New Language. Select one of the passages written in Spanish from your reading of the novel
and write an essay in which you reflect upon your process for making sense of the unfamiliar words

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