The accounts of democracy in two of the following thinkers: Lenin, Schmitt, Fukuyama.

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.The accounts of democracy in two of the following thinkers: Lenin, Schmitt, Fukuyama.

Critically evaluate the accounts of democracy in two of the following thinkers: Lenin, Schmitt, Fukuyama.

2.Speech Anxiety Case Study


-Which of Ahn’s reactions would you classify as communication apprehension and which would you consider speaking anxiety? Why?
-What are the sources of Ahn’s speaking anxiety? Identify at least five reasons why Ahn is nervous about her public speaking class and discuss in detail.
– What advice would you give Ahn about her upcoming speech? What can she do to lessen her anxiety and present a good speech?

Additional resources are not required for this assignment. The case study is all you need. However, if you feel more support is needed, seek out any resources necessary.

Case Study – Ahn’s First Public Speaking Class

Ahn is in her first semester at the local community college and this is her first year of education in the United States. Ahn and her parents came to the United States from Vietnam less than a year ago and English is her second language. Ahn studied English in Vietnam but she still has trouble finding the right words to express her thoughts, and she frequently mispronounces words.

Ahn is currently enrolled in COM-231 Public Speaking and she is terrified of giving speeches. She took the class because it is required for her program of study. On the first day of class, students were required to introduce a classmate. Although she was nervous, Ahn enjoyed the experience because she was paired with Bob, who was kind and very helpful. Her comfort did not last long, as the teacher announced the next assignment would be a self-introduction speech.

For the next speech, Ahn would have to share information about herself in a two minute speech. Ahn’s stomach began to churn just thinking about standing up in front of the class. In her culture you do not draw attention to yourself so to share stories about herself to the entire class made her feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Ahn’s speech would include stories about her culture and she was concerned that her classmates would not understand her customs or way of life. Most of her classmates were born in the United States and would not know what it is like to be an immigrant in a foreign country. Ahn lives in a close-knit Vietnamese community where English is rarely spoken. Her parents did not attend college, and they work long hours to make ends meet.

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