Cognitive behavioural therapy

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Cognitive behavioral therapy

Eddie is a 38-year-old university graduate who works in the area of social services administration. He feels unmotivated, sad and lacking enjoyment about life. Eddie earns a good income and owns
his own home where he lives alone. He sees himself as an atheist and he has never been married and has not been in an intimate relationship for more than 8 years. He has a few good friends from his
school days. Recently, he spends less time with his friends claiming they are married with children and have a different schedule from his. Eddie used to be an ardent gym goer, however, he feels
reluctant in going to the gym these days as he is not much interested as he used to be. Both of Eddie’s parents have passed away. He has a sister whom he hardly sees as she is busy with her young
children and a family business. Eddie had good relationships with his parents before they passed away.
2.0. Presenting problems
Eddie came to counselling to better his life because of his recollection of the end of life misery of some people he had experienced including his. His mother suffered congestive heart failure and
her condition deteriorated slowly until one day she refused to get out of bed and passed away after three days. Eddie wants to be happier but keeps thinking about the future and wonders about his
purpose in life. He revealed that he has read about age and failing health and has found out that the final days of many peoples’ lives are very vitiating, bad, excruciating and horrible, however,
there is nothing they could do about it. He keeps thinking about age and dying. But he realised that none of his age mates have such a concern so he struggles to find someone to discuss this
thought with. Eddie has a good job and lives alone in his own house. Eddie has never been married and has not been in an intimate relationship for more than eight years. Although he has a few good
friends, Eddie has limited his association with them revealing “They are married with children and have a different timetable to me, it’s hard to get together to do stuff anymore”. This is an
indication of hypervigilance symptoms and social avoidance disorder (SAD).
2.1. Psychiatric History
From the context of the case study, it is possible that Eddie’s anxiety first episode happened when he saw the condition of Thelma at the hospital Eddie with his mother

2.Hemophilia A and and B

Genetic disease or disorder of choice (in any organism) Describe the genetic basis for the phenotype (what type of mutation (deletion, insertion, point, etc), how or why it occurs if known) and
the effect on the protein produced. Describe the role of the mutated and the normal protein in the body (ff known). Heritability, how is it inherited?

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