Employee Recruiting and Ethics

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Employee Recruiting and Ethics

1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of external and internal recruiting within an organization?
2) Read about campus recruiting (p. 259) and validity of educational level for selection. What are the main ethical issues that the text brings up and do you agree with their viewpoint?
3) Define the following terms
Blind Ad Countercyclical hiring Employee Leasing Nonexempt Exempt Rules related to job posting Informal Methods of recruiting Formal Methods of recruiting 4) Distinguish between recruiting targeted
groups, executive searches, campus recruiting, and older worker recruiting? Comment on the goal of each group and how they are similar or different from each other.
5) How is affirmative action recruiting, disabled workers recruiting, disadvantaged workers recruiting, done and why is it important?


To what extent is the national interest shaped by states relations with institutions? Answer with reference to at least ONE of the following issues: arms control, the Responsibility to Protect
(R2P), international criminal justice, torture or women’s rights

3.Critical Appraisal & Intervention

A priority in selecting interventions is to effectively choose from what already exists so as not to duplicate, nor develop unnecessarily. However, in some cases you may have two or three
interventions to choose from that seem to serve the same purpose. In order to choose, you need to move to another level of organization that takes a more detailed look at the components of an
intervention. This will require a thorough critical appraisal of your chosen intervention and assurance that this is a safe, effective, and productive method for your client while taking into
account the uniqueness of their situation and needs. When selecting an intervention, it is always good to have an alternative intervention to offer clients in the case that they do not feel
comfortable or agree to the processes of the intervention presented to them.

provide a critical appraisal of at least three possible interventions that will be used in their case study

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