Why George Washington should be Honoured as the founding father of the year

Why george washington should be honoured as the founding father of the year

The post is a combination of two asighnmnets

1:why george washington should be honored as the founding father of the year

about why George Washington should be honored as a founding father this year and it has to be written like a middle school er

2: Reflection on Educating for the Journey video

Order Description

Watch this Ted talk “Educating for the Journey” featuring Jack Petrash

discuss some key elements of Waldorf education. refer to the video

3: Evaluate Qatar airways “No Borders only Horizons” campaign

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1. Undertake a critical analysis of the organization/event from a PR and
Communications perspective. (20%)

2. Critically evaluate the organizations/event’s PR response to the situation making recommendations on how the response could have been improved.

The Chosen Campaign is Qatar airways latest camping ” NO BORDERS, ONLY HORIZONS” which came out after the Arabian gulf crisis when a blockade on the State of Qatar was made by Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt.
the campaign was published through Qatar Airways social media.
The airline used the campaign to express political statements along with the followed announcements for new lines and destinations which was lunched following the issue happening in Qatar.

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