Managerial economics

The following post has two assignments bnamely;

1.Managerial economics

When the monetary crisis hit Europe, the European Commission, ECB and IMF, founded in 2010 the Troika. From that moment on, the Troika has financially supported a number of European countries, including Ireland, Spain and Greece. The offered loans were used to strengthen the financial position of the countries and prevent them to go (technical) bankrupt. But these were not free loans. In return for receiving this financial assistance, the countries with the deficits had to comply with the terms and reform their economy.
Based on the findings of the Troika it periodically determined if the countries make sufficient progress and whether there is need for continuation of financial support.
In the meantime (June 2016) the economic environment is significantly improved: Spain and Ireland are standing on their own two feet again.
But Greece made only a modest progress. In autumn 2014 the Troika announced that Greece needed an additional (third) loan. Due to political instability new elections were needed. The elections were victorious for the left wing party Syriza. In order to keep their promise to the voters, Syriza started a long and fruitless period of negotiations with the Troika, which broke the fragile economic recovery.
A1. Sketch briefly the starting situation of the crisis.
A2. Sketch briefly the starting situation for the three mentioned countries, which led to the inevitable need for financial support.
The Troika has demanded country by country to execute a number of specific measures in order to reform the economies. Resolves the following situations to micro-economic market models.
B1. Ireland: in Ireland, the VAT goes up to 23%. Explain the consequence and illustrate by graph this effect.
B2. Greece: in Greece the transport licenses are abolished. The price of a license amounted to € 100.000, – Now those are abolished, anyone can be a truck driver. Explain the consequence and illustrate by graph the function of a licensing system.
B3. Spain: in Spain is a general pay cut of 10% proposed. Explain the consequence and illustrate by graph the functioning of such a pay cut.
The Netherlands also cannot escape reforms. With the liberalization of the housing market -by limiting the mortgage interest deduction- a first step is taken. Assume that the current deductible interest amounts €10.000, – per year per household. The deduction will drop to € 5.000, – per year per household. A million households use the mortgage interest deduction.
C1. Explain what will happen and illustrate by graph this limitation.
Due to the economic crisis, the housing prices dropped by 20% (compared to July 2008). Many new bought houses have a property value lower than the price paid for. In order to stimulate the housing market, the Gov’t has introduced a temporary tax free donation scheme. According to this measure, parents could in the fiscal of 2014, donate a tax-free amount up to € 100.000, to their children. The amount could only be used for housing renovation or to lower the mortgage. The donation scheme was popular. Halfway the fiscal 50,000 households have already used it.
C2. Is according to the economic principle this donation scheme fair as a rule and/or as a result? Explain your answer?

2.Moral and ethical issues related to triaging patients in an emergency room

Create a 15-minute oral presentation (3–4 pages) that examines the moral and ethical issues related to triaging patients in an emergency room.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:
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Competency 1: Explain the effect of health care policies, legislation, and legal issues on health care delivery and patient outcomes.
Explain the health care policies that can affect emergency care.
Recommend evidence-based decision-making strategies nurses can use during triage.
Competency 3: Apply professional nursing ethical standards and principles to the decision-making process.
Describe the moral and ethical challenges nurses can face when following hospital policies and protocols.
Explain how health care disparities impact treatment decisions.
Competency 4: Communicate in a manner that is consistent with expectations of nursing professionals.
Write content clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.
Correctly format citations and references using APA style.

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