Managerial Problem-Solving Memo

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Managerial Problem-Solving Memo

Imagine that you are a leader in an industrial cleaning supply organization. Over the past three months, the sales in the organization have declined significantly.
In a one- to a two-page memo to your employees, provide the problem-solving process to solve this problem and justify why this is the best approach.

2.A cadenza performance.

A cadenza is a section in a concerto, usually towards the end of the movement, in which the orchestra pauses while the soloist plays a section alone and displays his virtuoso skills. Describe a
situation in which you have witnessed this type of interaction in a performance. Do you think this ?cadenza? event improved or hindered the overall performance? Should cadenzas be used on a regular

3. Same gender marriage

Specifically, should same gender marriage be permitted? Concurring the Mormonism Structura Dissect the theme listed Lay out the assumptions, principles, values, context, etc. Describe the
implications Describe whether the implications contradict the idea Conclusion

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