The relationship between money and inequality

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.The relationship between money and inequality

What is the relationship between money and inequality? Discuss with reference to at least two relevant ethnographic examples?

2. Pizza Study Design

You have been hired as a consultant by a small pizza company. They heard about an ad used by Eagle Boys Pizza and want to make a similar (but not identical) ad that makes a statistical comparison between two pizza companies. Write a memo to the company’s CEO describing how this small pizza company could conduct such a study and make claims that focus on one of the company’s strengths, such as amount of toppings, speed of service, or customer satisfaction. Include the research question(s) you would propose to address, the different variables that should be recorded as part of the study (both what you would measure and how you would measure it). Additionally, describe which statistical methods you would use after the data is collected and how you would determine if your results show statistical significance. Include which graphical and numerical summaries you would report to help address your research questions.

3. Knowledge of age discrimination and patient safety

You are the manager of a well-baby newborn nursery. among your staff is 79-year-old LVN/LPN Mary Jones, who has worked for the hospital for 50 years. No mandatory retirement age exists. This has not been a problem in the past, but Mary’s general health is now making this a problem for your unit. Mary has grown physically fragile. Cataracts cloud her vision, and she suffers from hypertension. Last month, she began to prepare a little girl for circumcision because she did not read the armband properly.
Your staff has been increasingly upset over Mary’s inability to fulfill her job duties. The physicians, however, support Mary and found circumcision incident humorous. Last week, you requested that Mary have a physical examination, at hospital expense, to determine her physical ability to continue working.
You were not particularly surprised when she returned with medical approval. Her physician spoke sharply with you. Admitting privately that Mary’s health was rapidly failing, the physician told you that working was Mary’s only reason for living and left you with these words: ” Forces Mary to retire and she will die within the year”.
Assignment: Using your knowledge of age discrimination, patient safety, employee rights, and management responsibilities, decide on an appropriate course of action for this case. Be creative and think beyond the obvious. Be able to support your decisions.

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