Similarities between American and French revolution

The following post has two questions namely;

1.Similarities between American and French revolution

1) How are the American Revolution and French Revolution similar? How are they
The Cahiers de Do!Eames ofDourdan
at hno://www.historvituidc.oratintellectkahicrs.html#thir
2) Explain one tax-related grievance discussed by the Cahier. What can you conclude about
the French tax system based on this Cahier? What reforms were needed in this system?
Excerpts from What is the Third Estate
at htto://www.fordham.eduthalsall/mod/sievesittml
3) According to Sieyes, what functions does the Third Estate perform in France? What
functions do the first and second estates perform? What is the significance of the differences
among the three?

2.In The Network Society, Castells (2005) writes:

In The Network Society, Castells (2005) writes:
The network society is also manifested in the transformation of
sociability. Yet, what we observe is not the fading away of face-to-face
interaction or the increasing isolation of people in front of their
computers. We know, from studies in different societies, that in most
instances Internet users are more social, have more friends and
contacts, and are more socially and politically active than non users.
Moreover, the more they use the Internet, the more they also engage in
face-to-face interaction in all domains of their lives. Similarly, new
forms of wireless communication, from mobile phone voice
communication to SMSs, WiFi and WiMax, substantially increase
sociability, particularly for the younger groups of the population. The
network society is a hypersocial society, not a society of isolation

Provide a thoughtful and analytical response to the above quote

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