Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resources Management (HRM)

The post is a combination of two asighnments

1:Human Resources Management (HRM)

major,Marketing & Management

1. Discuss the impact of contemporary contextual influences on people management and in the light of this outline how HR can contribute to organisational viability and competitive advantage.
2. How could the role and purpose of HR be described by employees, line managers, HR professionals and senior management in organisations? What tensions might arise based on these views?
3. Critically evaluate the idea that an organisation’s HR strategy should fit its competitive strategy.
4. Critically evaluate the relative merits of the new flexible model of ‘Gig’ working adopted by companies like UBER, Deliveroo and Taskrabbit.
5. Critically discuss the challenges that the increasing prevalence of ‘Emotional Labour’ (Hochschild, 1983) poses to HR professionals.

2:A Better Place

Read “A Better Place”, in the Summer 2014 edition of MS Magazine, write a page in which you describe how access to birth control affects or does not affect your family planning options.Discuss the issue in relationship to the short story.
Very Important.

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