Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

The post comprises two aighnments

1:Intellectual Property Law
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“The protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights should contribute to the promotion of technological innovation and to the transfer and dissemination of
technology…” (Article 7, TRIPS Agreement) Does this statement adequately justify the scope of modern intellectual property rights, and to what extent are these
objectives being achieved? …………..

2: Evidence Based Practice

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Discussion with minimum of three references):

1. From your professional experience, write a clinical scenario of 50-100 words, describing the context and patient, intervention, comparison, outcome, and time
(PICOT) elements. Write a PICOT question from the scenario. In your post, state the question type (i.e., intervention, prognosis/prediction, diagnosis or
diagnostic test, etiology, or meaning) and craft your PICOT question accordingly.

2. describe a clinical scenario based on your practice or professional setting, construct a focused (PICOT) question, and present
a clinical significance section to support your question, using evidence from the literature.
state the type (e.g., Intervention, Prognosis/Prediction, Diagnosis/Diagnostic Test, Etiology, or Meaning)

write a 1-2 page summary (similar to a mini-clinical review) of the literature (Clinical Significance section) on the topic regarding what is known about the
condition and treatment.Establish the broader relevance of the focused question. Note this section should make the link between the specific scenario and
the larger population. Using a minimum of four current (i.e., within the past 5 years), peer-reviewed literature references, be certain to use the highest level (best)
evidence available.

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