Management Change and Innovation

Management Change and Innovation

A combination of two asighnments

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1:the management of change and innovation.

1:write a position paper that presents your opinion about an issue regarding the management of change and innovation.
• Organize and outline your own viewpoint on an issue of change and innovation.
• Frame your paper in order to define the current state of knowledge and present your particular case.
• Present a comprehensive academic literature review of your subject matter synthesizing relevant research since 2005.
• Communicate formally your position through writing that is designed to influence others and gain acceptance of your strategies for overcoming organization problems
when introducing change and innovation.
• Present a unique solution or a unique approach to overcoming resistance to change and innovation, based on the evidence you present in your literature review.
• Establish your credibility. Here you are demonstrating that you have a command of the issues and the research behind them, and can present them clearly and
• Reference your work using APA standards.
Areas for research.
• The external environment in terms of markets and competition
• Organizational components of people, work, formal and informal structures
• Designing for innovation
• What initiates change
• The implementation of change

2:Social Work and Human Services

write a report on the following:
How has the pursuit of cultural competence changed in the helping professions and what are some of the underlying reasons for these changes?
Identify and explain the five cultural competence skill areas described in your required text.
According to the authors of your required texts, culture plays a very powerful role in the development, behaviors and attitudes of human beings. Describe at least 3 of
the ways in which culture affects human beings.
Identify and describe the dimensions of culture, as discussed in your required text.
Compare and contrast the terms international culture and national culture.

Textbook references:
On Being Different edition 4th
Author: Kottak
ISBN: 9780078117015

Cultural Diversity Edition 5th
Author: Diller
ISBN: 9781285075402

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