Horror theme Comparative analysis

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Horror theme Comparative analysis

Edgar Allan Poe in “The Tell-Tale Heart” and Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in “Little Red Cap” create a sense of horror in the tales by carefully developing and defining their characters and the actions the characters take. Closely examine both stories’ characters, their actions, and the themes that arise from the plot and characterization. What specific aspects of characterization and plot themes allow for a “Horror” reading and analysis of the tales? What aspects of society and its moral, psychological, and ethical challenges are Poe and the Grimms addressing and how do the authors address them using the theme of horror as the storytelling methodology? Do not simply summarize the story lines; analyze the themes that Poe and the Grimms develop.

After you have examined both stories, write a 1,200 word essay arguing that there is a relationship between the characters’ descriptions, actions, themes, and plot that work to create a sense of horror or terror in the tales. Be sure to write about specific “horrible” events that take place in the story and make assertions about the themes that the authors are exploring by using scenes, acts, and actions that are “horrible.” What specific literary device techniques does Poe and the Grimm Brothers employ to craft the horror theme in the tales? You must use direct quotes from 1) the two original texts, and 2) add two other academically credible secondary sources for each story (makes 4) to support your analysis of the text.

2.“Lives Worth Living”

1) Watch the 54 minutes film “Lives Worth Living” found in the link : “Course Documents” The film will be shown during class time as well.
2) Three page summary of the film (double spaced).
3) Pick out three of your favorite scenes in the film and explain why.
4) Answer the following questions and include the information on ADA:
a) Before viewing this film, what was your understanding of individuals with disabilities?
b) Using the ADA information in the powerpoint class session 3, describe the main purpose of ADA and list the 5 titles of the law.
c) How does this film connect with GS 420 class content?

3.Rhetorical Analysis

1) Create a rhetorical analysis of a work of street art or graffiti. Identify the following elements in your paper:
• Author, audience, purpose, and context for the artwork
• How the visual or textual elements contribute to a clear thesis being made by the artist
• The effectiveness of the work in achieving the intended purpose towards the author’s target audience

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