Marketing strategies

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Marketing strategies

Explain what marketing strategists need to take into account when implementing either a high perceived value strategy or a low delivered cost strategy (Bradley, 2005, p.58). Provide examples to reinforce your arguments.

2. Human Ecology

Analyze and evaluate a Human Ecology Current Events article. Write an analysis and evaluation of the article, paying particular attention to the scientific accuracy of the material and focusing on how any problems addressed in the article could have been avoided in the first place or lessons that can be learned and used to create a healthy future human ecology.

3.key differences between psychoses and personality disorders

write an essay on one of the following two topics:

(i) Schizophrenia
(ii) Borderline Personality Disorder

Describe and critically evaluate the condition in terms of the following aspects:
i. Description in the DSM 5 (Understanding in relation to the biomedical model)
ii. Description in the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (Understanding derived from the
psychoanalytic model)
iii. Description from the critical psychotherapy perspective (bio-psychosocial model)
iv. A comparison of the assessment criteria and instruments used by the above three ways of
making sense of the condition

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