Path-Goal and Servant Leadership Theory

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Path-Goal and Servant Leadership Theory

After becoming familiar with path-goal and servant leadership theories, determine which one fits best with a mentor or educator you wish to emulate or with your own leadership style. Justify how your chosen theory applies in your agency or university. Support your ideas with properly cited references from scholarly sources,

2.Islamic Politics and Culture

Discuss the similarities and differences between Al Qaida and earlier Jihadist groups. -Explain the similarities and/or differences between the United States’ position on Sunni political Islam and its position on Shia political Islam.

3.Community Based Programs

Write a 2-3 word paper addressing the following questions:
Identify five different types of community-based programs that are available in the juvenile justice system.
Identify similarities and differences between the types of programs available. Compare and contrast the services each program offers. Include a discussion of the types of agencies that would refer offenders to each type of program. present evidence that supports your responses.

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