Professinal Nurse Interview

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Professional Nurse Interview

The student will conduct a guided interview of a Registered Nurse (with BSN or higher degree) who is currently working in a leader, educator, or advanced practice role, using the questions provided in order to obtain information from a primary source about a nurse’s professional history (the nurse will not be named to protect confidentiality). The student will also include a reflection regarding their personal and professional goals following the interview. Follow APA writing guidelines. Paper is limited to 4 – 5 pages, not including the title page.

Guided Interview Questions: Questions 1-10 are to be asked of the nurse you interview. Question 11 is your personal reflection upon the information obtained from the interview.
Points Points Earned
1. Demographic information about the nurse being interviewed: ? What is the nurse’s gender, age, and ethnicity? ? How long have they been a nurse? ? What is their current role in nursing, and how long? ? What is their initial educational preparation to become a nurse? ? What is their educational preparation for their current role? ? Do they have any national specialty certifications? (list these) ? Do they belong to any professional nursing organizations?

2. What type of setting (e.g., Pediatrics, Oncology, Intensive Care, Community Health, etc.) do they practice in? What other type of settings has the nurse practiced in? Which setting has been their favorite and why?

3. Why did they become a nurse? 5 4. What do they believe are the advantages and disadvantages to choosing a career in nursing?

5. Why did they choose to pursue an advanced role in nursing (i.e. educator, nurse practitioner, manager/leader, etc.)?

6. How has the nursing profession changed since they became a nurse, or since taking on their advanced nursing role?

7. What are their professional goals for the next five years? 5 8. What are the most important issues currently facing the nursing profession? Issues facing their nursing specialty?

9. Describe an incident in their career which might have caused them to question their present role as an advanced nurse, or a nurse?

10. Describe an incident in their nursing career that provided them with the most professional and/or personal gratification.

11. Student reflection on interview results and personal commitment to a nursing career. Describe how this interview has impacted your personal and professional goals regarding your nursing career.


2.Advanced based practice in nursing

Discuss the importance of critical thinking and reflective practice in advancing nursing practice and interpreting complex issues in healthcare. (40%)

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