Applying Anthropology

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Applying Anthropology

select a social issue, contemporary problem, or something you would like to change in society. Describe that issue from an anthropological perspective; for example, demonstrating your understanding of the role of culture in this case, offering an analysis of how structure and agency might shape the issue, by using a comparative approach, and/or offering a holistic description. Discuss how you would apply anthropological principals to make the change happen.

2.Dimensions and Antecedents of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour

Undertake a Literature Review (max 1500 words) on ‘the Dimensions and Antecedents
of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (0C13)3.Focus solely on
refereed academic publications (i.e. journal articles).


The late Steve Jobs left behind a fast-growing Apple Inc. Practise a scenario planning technique for Apple:
1. How will the death of Steve Jobs affect Apple as a company? Identify THREE business scenarios that might happen in the next 5 years (best, most likely, worst). Take into consideration both external influences (economy, technology, globalization, legislation etc.) and Apple’s business environment (suppliers, competitors, customers, senior management, employees etc.).

2. For each scenario, assess the firm’s readiness. What are the challenges faced under each scenario? Identify HR’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to these challenges.

3. For each scenario, identify HR initiatives and programs that must be undertaken to deal with the changes.

4. Prepare a report on the future of the company.

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