The following post has three assignments namely;


Create a conceptual design treatment in which you will address the design
elements of a play. Using the assigned short play, you will address your design of the following
A. Scenic Design
B. Costume Design
C. Lighting Design
D. Sound Design
These areas are covered in detail in Ch. #5 of your text.
Write a brief description for each design area of how you would conceive a production of the
play. Offer justifications of why you are making the choices you are making. Be creative! Decide
if you want to establish a realistic or fantastical production. Be specific about time period and
locations you are trying to capture. Allow yourself to imagine some different and original ways
you might design the play. Think about what you might want to see if you went to a production
of the play but DO NOT dismiss the actual NEEDS required by the play. You can also include a
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treatment of the other areas of design such as make-up, special effects and/or masks (if those
fit your concept).

Section #2- The Director
Offer a treatment of how you would direct a staged production of the assigned play. You are
asked to do so by addressing the following:
1. What do you think the purpose of your production might be?
2. Who do you believe to be the intended audience for your production?
3. What story, moral, or lesson might be shared through your production?
4. Are there any original interpretations you feel would be important to your vision?
5. Offer a description of what type of actors you would cast in the roles in the show.
6. Using the work you did in Section #1 The Designer and Technician and offer a view of
how you, as the director, would use the design choices to support your interpretation of
the central conflict of the play.
7. Outline a potential rehearsal schedule for your production. How much time would you
need to rehearse the play? What types of things might you be doing in those rehearsals?
(Consult Ch. 6 of your text, p

2.Epithelial transport

Write a lab report on epithelial transport using the lab info in the style of American journal of Physiology.

3.Strategic Leadership during Crisis

Write an essay of approximately 2000 words which provides a critical analysis of abstracts relevant to the student’s area of research/interest.

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