Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign : Ethical Considerations

The following post has three assignments namely;

1. Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign : Ethical Considerations

Explain any ethical dilemmas that could arise during your advocacy campaign, and how you would resolve them.
Describe the ethics and lobbying laws that are applicable to your advocacy campaign.
Evaluate the special ethical challenges that are unique to the population you are addressing.
Provide a cohesive summary for your paper.

2.Thoreau’s ideas comparison to Martin Luther King’s.

Thoreau was especially sympathetic to the plight of african american slaves and would likely have shared the views of martin luther king jr. what advice might thoreau have given king? Apply the
basic ideas of “civil disobedience” to the circumstances

Develop thesis statement that responds directly to the prompt (the series of question in the topic). Compare Thoreau’s ideas to Martin Luther King.

3.Remedies and Policy combating Childhood and Teenage homelessness

Identify a particular program or area of practice that you would like to explore such as one of the following: job training programs for those leaving incarceration, nutrition programs for pregnant
teens, special in-school tutoring programs for at-risk youth, and programs designed to help empower communities (reducing crime in communities, limiting the establishment of bars in communities,
increasing urban gardening to provide food, etc.). Note: These are just examples and are not intended to limit your options.
Identify and analyze three articles from current literature that inform the program or practice area you selected through theory or issue-specific research.
Write a 6-8 page paper that explains the history of the program or practice area you selected, its current status, and how it is evolving today within a region or country of your choice. Then,
describe any policies that govern the program or practice you selected. Finally, explain how you would like the program or practice to move forward in order to positively change an individual, an
organization, or a community.

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