Islamic Politics and Culture

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Islamic Politics and Culture

Discuss the similarities and differences between Al Qaida and earlier Jihadist groups. -Explain the similarities and/or differences between the United States’ position on Sunni political Islam and
its position on Shia political Islam.

2.Community Based Programs

Write a 2-3 word paper addressing the following questions:
Identify five different types of community-based programs that are available in the juvenile justice system.
Identify similarities and differences between the types of programs available. Compare and contrast the services each program offers. Include a discussion of the types of agencies that would refer
offenders to each type of program. present evidence that supports your responses.

3. Tuberculosis

Write a 3 page paper on the descriptive epidemiology of the disease/condition selected “Tuberculosis’. Provide a summary of the disease with respect to person, place, and time

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