The following post has three assignments;


1. How does the museum building relate to its surroundings? Is it similar, different, larger, smaller than the environment around it?

2. What is the exterior interior like? Is it decorated? Can you tell what style of architecture it is? How does it relate to what you see inside?

3. What is the entrance lobby to the museum like? How does it shape the beginning of your museum visit?

4. Who is attending the museum? What is the general atmosphere like?

5. How are the galleries organized? Why do you think the galleries and exhibitions look the way they do? (Think about wall color, lighting, interior arrangement etc).

2.Path-Goal and Servant Leadership Theory

After becoming familiar with path-goal and servant leadership theories, determine which one fits best with a mentor or educator you wish to emulate or with your own leadership style. Justify how
your chosen theory applies in your agency or university. Support your ideas with properly cited references from scholarly sources,

3.Film & Theater studies

Using the terminology and approaches discussed in Creeber (2006, pp26-43) and other vocabulary concerning textual analysis that you find relevant, textually analyze a set sequence from The Outcast
(BBC1, 12 July 2015). Start the sequence at 019:30 (when the mother undresses off to get into the water) and end it at around 0:22 when the boy resurfaces from the water. The program can be found
Analyze the clip through sounds,camerawork,editing,image,mise-en-scene,color.

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