Organizational Leadership

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Organizational Leadership

Paper 3
There are many channels of communication in today’s organization, including face-to-face, written, and multiple forms of electronic communication. Much of this time is spent verbally communicating,
though technology has increased written communications in the forms of email, text messaging, etc. Listening is also a part of the communication process. Listening and speaking effectively will
greatly influence your success as a coach consultant. This week, we will research effective communication to examine the importance of communication in leadership roles. Today’s business leaders
must have a solid understanding of communication and the best practices to send messages effectively

1. Conduct research on effective communication, for coaching and consulting roles.

2. Reflect on what you previously observed in leadership communications.

3. Synthesize and defend the importance of effective communications in leadership roles, providing 3 real-world examples.

2.Visual Culture

Produce a 5,000 word academic essay incorporating referencing and a bibliography following Harvard conventions.

Identify and research an appropriate topic of your choosing which addresses some
aspect of the history and theory of your discipline (GRAPHIC DESIGN). The aims here are that you develop a more sophisticated
understanding of your discipline, alongside developing Level 6 skills in critical analysis, research and communication.

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