Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama

With reference to the status and significance of the natural world, discuss the importance of language in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It and how it is used to convey the concept of the
natural versus the unnatural world, including the ethical relation between humans and non-humans within these spaces.

2.Nursing ethics on religion and culture

Interview a person of a different race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation to complete part of this assignment. Interviews a client using a standard cultural assessment tool . submit
analysis of the client’s diversity supported with in-text references citations . submit a personal reflection of how this knowledge might influence their nursing care with persons from different
cultures . nalyse the key nursing role yuo would assume to meet this patient’s healthcare needs and how they would assess the opportunities and challenges of that role

3.Case Study

Anderson text Change is often easier said than done. Oftentimes, change is thrust upon us in the workplace and we must learn to adapt. When a company is not performing as it should, we often look
for someone to blame. Sometimes the blame is placed appropriately, and, other times it is not. Consider the situation described with TLG Solutions. There have obviously been some significant
changes that have occurred at the company. As Christians, there are those who also experience significant life changes when they come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; for others, the change
seems to be less noticeable. Describe how the changes experienced by TLG Solutions are similar and dissimilar to that of the Christian walk.Provide specific examples of each.

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