Type of budget for the law enforcement agency

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Type of budget for the law enforcement agency

• What is the best type of budget for the law enforcement agency? Why so? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this type of budget? • What is more stressful for the police officer – working
the street or dealing with the agency administration? Why so? What can be done by the police administrator to reduce this stress felt by officers?

2.The Manchurian Candidate

Write a few paragraphs of a review of the movie Manchurain Candidate and MOST importantly how the movie compares to what could be discussed in a political science class.

3.Complexities of bullying, and why ‘social combat’ the new ‘battlefield’ within youth development

(Question 1) What did the Wheatley School uncover and the complexities of bullying, and why is ‘social combat’ the new ‘battlefield’ within youth development?

(Question 2) Why are bystanders not intervening in larger number; how do schools increase youth to intervene; and does the strategy of bullying work in the long-term? Why/why not?

(Question 3) The forum acknowledged the Neutrality Policy within Minnesota’s Anoka Hennepin School District; 4 students identified themselves as victims; does the case represent civil right
violations? Why/why not? Does the case conflict with the health and dignity of children? Why/why not?

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