Work place Communication strategies

Work place Communication strategies

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1:Forum Post

Discuss what monetary policy is. Discuss different instruments of monetary policy. Discuss the impact of expansionary and contractionary monetary policy, specifically
the change in interest rate and credit availability, and the process by which these changes impact business’s decision making process.

2:Work place Communication strategies

Question 1
Political, economic, social and technological factors impact on the work of community service organisations. Give an example of each factor and briefly outline the
impact each example could have on the information needs of community service organisations.

Question 2
What is competitor analysis? Conduct a comparison of the websites of two community service organisations which target similar client groups. Report on the strengths
and weaknesses of each website in terms of their effectiveness as a communication strategy.

Question 3
Use the internet to access the my aged care website and familiarize yourself with the information available on this site. List three stakeholders that would have an
interest in this site and suggest what that interest would be.

Question 4
Explain the difference between a strategic plan and a business plan?

Question 5
research a community service organisation of your choice. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the organisations
Online communication strategies and develop a list of recommendation to address issues identified as a result of the SWOT analysis.

Question 6
Define information consent and describe the requirements of informed consent. How can workers assist clients to make informed decision?
Question 7
Provid 100 word response in support of this statement
Organisations with flat management structures have, by reason of their structure, more proficient communication systems than those with complex hierarchies

Question 8
Develop a crisis communication plan for a community service organisation of your choice.

Question 9
Develop a budget for one communications strategy to be used by a community service organisation to promote a new program available for carers in the community.
Suggested communication strategies include:
• The development of a website
• A community function to launch the new program
• A media release
• A letter drop to residents of the local community
• Repeat advertising in community newspapers or newsletters
• A communications strategy of your choice

How could you measure the return on investment of your chosen strategy?

Question 10
Describe effective mentoring and coaching principles and practices.

Question 11
Discuss the factors you should consider when deciding between the use of traditional media ( television , radio , newspapers , magazines ) and digital communication
technologies such as blogs, wikis , podcasts , facebook , YouTube, twitter, ect as communication strategies

Question 12
Why should community service organisations evaluate communication strategies? Discuss two processes they could use to evaluate communication strategies .

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